Writing Your Way Through Self Doubt

I struggle with confidence too. But I’m working on it. I am afraid marketing is going to be tough for me if I can’t learn to sell myself. 😉


One of the biggest issues holding me back creatively is that I struggle with self confidence when it comes to my writing. Truth be told I struggle with confidence in most things but I’ve created a super confident version of myself that comes out in social situations to hide my insecurities. Unfortunately I cannot create a version of myself that believes in my talent as a writer as much as I should.

Deep down I know I’m a half decent writer and that my ideas are good, my character creation is okay and I can build a bit of action in my stories to make people want to continue reading, but that part of me goes into hiding more often than I’d like. Instead, my judgmental and critical side comes out and I look at everything I’ve ever written thinking how shit it looks and that nobody in their right…

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