Advice for aspiring writers: Get Your Editor On

The Heart of Applebutter Hill

Recently, a member of the Goodreads community asked for my advice to aspiring writers. My answer could have gone in so many directions — getting published, building your personal brand, incorporating time into your life to write — the list is endless. The following is based on my original answer.

One Writer’s Self Image

Verona Beach Light, one of 3 working lighthouses on NY's Oneida Lake: photo by Rich Hill

I’m a bare-bones, cut-to-the-chase sort of person in general, so my first thought is to suggest that you step back from the trappings of whatever your image of the writer is. Parading around in public with your notepad at the ready, skulking in the shadows of community with a drink and brooding may work for some writers, but make sure it’s working for you before you commit your entire identity to it.

After all, it’s what comes out on the paper that matters, and that depends on what goes on in your head and your ability…

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