Charlie’s Changing, Part 1-4

Writer Daze

Charlie’s Changing, Part 1-3

Becoming water and then levitating from the bed were two things Charlie believed to be true. She realized by believing these things as possible meant she should be committed. How could her parents understand and believe in her sanity ever again? She was a mess.

For breakfast her mom gave her cereal while they ate french toast. The whole morning was eerie because her parents seemed solemn and she knew staying out fifteen minutes past curfew couldn’t cause them to be this upset. Then again Charlie had never missed her curfew before. She knew there was something else going on between them two. She hoped they weren’t getting a divorce like Jasmine’s parents did. Except they got back together twice. Only there not technically married anymore.

When Charlie walked up to Jasmine’s open locker she put on her best smile in hopes the day would offer…

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