Time To Begin Again

The Reflecting Pool

From Mind Connections Today………….

602724_509234229128253_378827729_nWhen it is all said and done, you are the navigator of your life, all the rest is just excuses. Take responsibility for your life, your attitude and your future. Each of us has to option to forget the past, you can’t change the bad things and the good things can’t be relived no matte how hard your try.

Forgive yourself for mistakes and failures you have made, because they were necessary in your life of growth. Never demean an effort that was true but resulted in failure, because there is vital wisdom in the lessons learned.

Begin again with clear eyes and open hearts, to accept all of the new and wonderful things that can come from a new beginning. Understanding that a new beginning will eventually become an ending but the journey in between is experience of life and only you can decide if…

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