I remember a project in school in which we were to create a commercial to sell a product. My group received a lot of praise for our project. I was so proud because I had created our slogan and everyone was talking about how catchy it was. Now, here I am many years later trying to create a tagline for myself. It’s not going so well. I’ve read tips and other authors’ taglines to try to come up with something great. I’ve made my list of words, narrowed them down to a few, and played with them for the perfect fit. After a few days of this, I still don’t have the perfect fit. I figured I would create a couple and have my Facebook friends vote for which I should use; I don’t even have two that I feel are good enough to vote on.


Just a few of my ideas:

“Live, Laugh, Love, and read books.” Too common sounding.

“Romance is love leaving the body.” Kind of seems like it is “leaving” in a bad way instead of “showing” love.

“Love is feeling; Romance is showing.” Too cheesy. ?

“From broken to complete in a few chapters.” But sometimes the stories doesn’t go from broken to complete.

“Hearts mend while pages turn.” But sometimes the heart breaks while the pages turn.

“Toying with your emotions.” Sounds too sad and cruel.

I think I’ll just go work on my logo for a while.

In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts or opinions.


Thanks for reading.

Lots of love,



P.S. This post has not been edited by a professional. It’s just my rambling. Thanks for understanding.



4 thoughts on “Taglines

  1. Maybe something about love? I think love is really what everyone wants, to love themselves and their partners. Maybe something about love and romance being the centre of everything.

    Just trying to give you a few ideas. Let me know if you find something.


    1. I thought about going with, “Live life one chapter at a time” but it doesn’t tell you what I write about. I thought about going with “hearts mend as pages turn” but hearts also break. I am still undecided. Love makes the world go around is already taken. Lol


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