Stressed, but almost published.

Well, my final edits will be completed tonight. I will upload my new and improved book to CreateSpace. After I approve all of that, off to publishing we go! I still do not have a logo or banner. I’ve played with many ideas, but none of them are what I consider good enough. I decided to use “Live life one chapter at a time” as my tagline, then I changed my mind. Still undecided on that. I swear writing the book was easier. I’ve been working on my WordPress site. I think I finally got my newsletter sign up link to work. I changed the picture and some other formatting things, but I’m sure I’ll be changing it all again once I get a logo and possibly a banner. After I hit publish, I will start working on teasers while people read the ARC. I’m still not sure about doing a trailer. I want my readers to use their imagination as they read, not see what they saw on the trailer as they read. I’m still debating that. Well, since this is pretty much just me rambling instead of being any useful info to anyone, I think I’ll cut it short. Thanks for reading my thoughts. I promise my book is better than this blog post. 🙂

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