No offense meant…

Hello. Hope you all are well. I’m exhausted, but doing well. I’ve been selling books and trying to write my other one, but there are just not enough hours in the day. I have so much to do and so little time to do it. That seems to be how everyone feels. Which brings me to what I want to blog about today. People being offended by everything. I swear it seems like the least little thing can offend someone. If all these people that take time to complain about other people would use that time to do something useful, life would be so much better for everyone. If I took the time to comment on multiple people’s Facebook posts about how they offend me or hurt my feelings, I would never get anything accomplished. Not to mention it would just cause trouble. I read a post yesterday about a person commenting that she would like that person much better if she didn’t use so many curse words. Well, that person would probably like you better if you used them more often, but who cares? If you don’t like them, unfriend them, or just keep scrolling! Who has time for this petty crap? I see things on Facebook that I don’t really like, but do I stop to tell the person I don’t like it? No, I keep scrolling. I’ve seen somethings that are actually offensive, somethings that should not be publicized at all, but no one is holding a gun to my head and making me look at it. If I feel it’s that bad, I unfriend them. If not, I simply move on. People are free to voice their opinions, but they need to realize that the person they are blasting has the same right. They are free to post what they want, you don’t have to look at it. So, my point is…I’m offended that everyone takes offense to everything. Seriously, chill people! Unless they aimed and threw it at you, don’t let it bother you. If they did aim and throw at you…duck, or keep scrolling. 🙂 Thanks for listening to my rant. Sorry for all the mistakes. I’m in a hurry. I’m too busy complaining to take the time for editing. LOL


2 thoughts on “No offense meant…

  1. Whatsoever things are lovely or of good report … think on these things. Life is short and only seems to accelerate as we grow older. So claim the best, and walk away from the rest 🙂 You may then find that your journey will take you to the places of your dreams. But be careful what you dream for … “What dreams may come”


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