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Today, I’d like to introduce to you someone very special,  Clifford Edwards. He’s an expert. This post is provocative and meant to be, but stay with it, you’ll find it very enlightening. Then, maybe you’ll see why I think Clifford is so special.

Clifford Edwards

The F-Word – Why I Love and Use It Often!

Maybe You Will Too.

I Love the F-Word

I think the F-word has gotten kind of a bad reputation. It’s misunderstood, maligned and mis-applied too often. But I love it and use it for all kinds of incidents and situations, practically every day.

  • When I make a mistake, screw up or have an accident of some sort: F-word!
  • If I get into an argument with my wife or have a spat with a friend or colleague: F-word!
  • If someone cuts me off, treats me rudely, unfairly or does something else I don’t like: F-word!

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