Go For It

The Reflecting Pool

Success is Magnificent!

That is why it is so magnificent when someone does achieve their dreams and goals.  They not only had to develop the dream and overcome their own self doubt and worry, but also the doubt and in many cases the ridicule of the world in order to achieve whatQuotes-on-success-List-of-top-35-success-quotes-10they want to do.

The great news is that all people have the power inside of themselves to ask:Why Not?  It is with the asking of this question that your focus changes and instead of focusing on the reasons why you can’t do what you dream about, you are focusing on why your can achieve what your heart tells you that you should.  It is not too late until this life is over, so do not be afraid to follow that dream in your heart.

We all have a talent inside us which is constantly looking for…

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