Will You Forgive or Flounder

The Reflecting Pool

Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?

From JonathanHilton.com

047882355_6_xlargeI think that no matter how far along you have come in life there are always some things that have stuck with you and even though you think that you have let go of it, you really haven’t.

For me to be happy in life and to really enjoy the experiences that I am blessed with every day, there is a constant letting go of perceived slights, whether big or small. Forgive it and release it from your life.

Today I am thinking about the process of how I let things go and what experiences I have to let drift into the ether, and cease to be a problem for me.

Forgiving and Letting Go

There is a freedom that comes from truly forgiving someone for hurting you. It doesn’t mean that you condone what they…

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2 thoughts on “Will You Forgive or Flounder

  1. Amen! I wrote a children’s book about forgiveness. It’s a misunderstood concept thinking it means to condone or that you forgive for the other person when really it’s for yourself and incredibly freeing.

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