Learning to love your bully: can you forgive and forget?

Hopeless Hannah

At secondary school I was a geek. Painfully shy, tiringly un-confrontational and desired nothing less than being ignored on the netball field.

Being so shy, bullies would often leave me alone. They did not get the reaction they desired and I was boring in their jousting game. So I spent the majority of my primary and secondary years with my head firmly focused on the pavement in front of me.

That’s not to say that bullying did not go on at my school. No, it went on alright. I just stared at the greying chewing gum trodden into the floor.

One boy who was picked on was called Charlie. He had a really strong odour and there were rumours going around that he had head lice. One of the popular boys with Gareth Gates style hair and a Dad who, when he was around, would pick him up in a Bentley, stood behind Charlie in the…

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