My random, depressing post

My random blog today is about fairness. I know, life isn’t fair! Just let me rant for a few minutes. It really sucks when two people are so in love and adore each other and one of them ends up with cancer, dies in an accident, or gets shipped off to war. Then you have the mediocre relationships where the couple pretty much just tolerate each other, but their lives are just smooth sailing. Not that I want anyone to end up with cancer, die in an accident, etc. I’m just saying, it’s not fair that the ones that are truly in love with each other get ripped apart for whatever reason, while the ones that don’t even enjoy each other are just fine. Like the children that end up orphaned that having loving, caring, responsible parents. Why can’t the ones that are being neglected or abused be the ones that have their parents die in a horrible accident? There again, not that I really want anyone to die, but why does it seem to happen to the good ones more often than the not-so-good people? Why doesn’t child molesters end up with prostate cancer instead of a caring father? Why does the woman that has been married to the love of her life for seven years end up having a miscarriage instead of the woman that doesn’t even know which dude is the father of her baby? Again, not that I wish a miscarriage on anyone! And not that I would ever want to judge who ends up with what.

This world is a cruel place. We have to search for the positives. We have to look for the good. We have to try to focus on the happiness. Why isn’t it that the negatives are few and far between instead of the majority? Why can’t there be more good than bad? I know, I know…God has His reasons and we aren’t meant to understand; I just need to be appreciative and grateful and not think like that. And I am very grateful. I know life could be so much worse. I know there are a million ways it could be worse. I know so many people do have it so much worse. I just needed to release my current thoughts without having to pay for therapy. 🙂 Thank you for listening. I’ll try to make my next blog a happy, uplifting, encouraging one. 🙂 I won’t make a habit of posting depressing crap.


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