Building a social media platform

Lorraine Ambers

I imagined success as an author happened like so –  a publisher miraculously discovers your talent. Above the thousands of other competing writers. Then they would publish, advertise, promote and sell your book. How wrong I was. Feel free to laugh.

photo credit: @brockuniversity Social Media via photopin (license) photo credit: @brockuniversity Social Media via photopin(license)

Are you horrified to learn that a huge part of being a successful author is by growing your social media? It’s your my role to advertise, promote and sell books. It’s down to you to create a trust worthy brand, that generates more than numbers but target followers.

Your not alone, everyone starting out has faced the same crippling doubt. Regardless of trade, musician, artist, chief or writer, the building blocks are the same. The hardest part of building a platform is conquering your fear and jumping aboard the media wagon.

Pixabay image cliff dive Conquer your fears, make the leap.

I’ve come a long way in a short…

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