Advice from a Writer’s Husband

Reader, I Wrote It


Today the Husband has been given a voice. Not that he didn’t have one previously. That would be awkward. Rather, he is the writer of today’s post, detailing his experiences of being the partner of a writer, and imparting wisdom to other sufferers who are shacked up with them.

I have set him free from his Man Cave and allowed him to write on my precious baby blog. Don’t go messing it up now, Husband. I’m watching…

As a reward for his hard work, here’s a link to the Husband’s amazing blog: My Modelling and Painting Blog. It’s full of his fab painting of little, itty bitty, gaming figures and the games he plays with them, like Malifaux, various superheroes, Warhammer, MC Hammer… (maybe not the last one). 

Go check his blog out, particularly if you are a fantasy or Sci-Fi reader or writer – the characters are amazing.

Now let’s…

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