Show “laughed” & “smiled”

My head hurts, so I shouldn’t be trying to write right now. But here I am, doing it anyway. So, I need assistance please. I need other ways of saying “she laughed” or “he smiled”, but I don’t mean others words to say it. I’m not looking for “smirked”, “grinned”, etc. I want ideas of how to “show” they are smiling or laughing. Like “the corners of his lips turned up” or whatever. I feel like I use the same ones all the time. So, please chime in with your creativity. Thanks in advance. 
BTW, If you don’t want me to possibly use it in a book, then don’t suggest it. I don’t want to be sued for copyright issues or anything. 

2 thoughts on “Show “laughed” & “smiled”

  1. Depends on the scene. What are they doing? Why are they laughing?

    “Stop tickling me,” she demanded, giggling behind her hand, a mischievous glint in her eye as she backed away.
    “No way, this is too much fun!” He he stuck his tongue out at her then moved toward her, playfully flexing his fingers as he prepared for another attack.

    You can show joy, happiness, in a lot of different ways, it just depends on what they are doing. I agree, switching out verbs doesn’t always help. But writing other motions and emotions can make the reader assume they are smiling because they probably are.

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