A ‘Real’ Writer?

Reader, I Wrote It


The following memes are for illustration, and possibly ranty retorts, only.  I certainly don’t like them!

Recently I have discovered that I have a new writery issue: memes, blog posts and articles that bombard writers with the ‘rules’ for being a ‘real’ writer.

What the hell is a ‘real’ writer anyway?

It’s time to look at some of the, in my humble opinion, idiotic ‘rules’ set by The Writing Police (TM). I will accompany them with those flaming annoying memes to provide evidence of the arsehattery that takes place.

The irony is that when I share this post to social media, one of these memes will be attached as a thumbnail picture and some people will think I’m telling them how to write too. My brain hurts.

Disclaimer: I’m most certainly not stating I’m right and everyone else is wrong. I only do that with the Husband (love you darling).

The Laws of the…

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