How to Grow Your New Blog

Truth, Fact, and Fiction

My blog has officially been in existence for six months. Yay! It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve managed to slightly exceed my goal of ten new followers a month. Here’s what I’ve learned about blogging.

Make It Easy…

…for your readers. Sorry, blogging isn’t easy. Well, it’s not super hard either, but it’s not easy.

Your blog should be designed to make everything you want your readers to do as easy as possible. Basically, you want your readers to get to know you, read your material, and then share your material. The easier it is for people to do these things, the more likely they are to actually do them. So…

Tell your readers who you are and what kind of blog you’re running. Right away. Your readers should be able to tell what niche your blog falls into the instant they land on your blog. Your About Me page should be…

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