Interview with Pulitzer Prize and Georgia Author of the Year Nominee, Clifford Brooks



Today, I have the honor of interviewing a poet and long-time friend, Clifford Brooks. Clifford was nominated for Georgia Author of the Year, and his book The Draw of Broken Eyes and Whirling Metaphysics, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize

Clifford, tell us about your book.

To begin, the book is actually a two-in-one volume with an epic at its conclusion.

Whirling Metaphysics includes everything from childhood memories in Oglethorpe County, to internal theological debates and rowdy, Byron-esque nights attending Shorter College in Rome, Georgia.  These poems jump from teenage angst in Athens, to the first unsure strides into manhood around Pickens County.  I devote a portion of Whirling Metaphysics to my passion for jazz, punk, classical, and all the gorgeous musical genres in-between.  Music is the driving force behind my desire to write poetry at all.

To close out Whirling Metaphysics, you’ll…

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