My Opinion on a few books

I always rate and review on Goodreads and Amazon, but I don’t usually blog my reviews. I’m going to voice my opinion on a few books I’ve read lately. Feel free to comment. Thanks.

The Kind worth Killing by Peter Swanson


I just finished this one this morning. OMGosh! It was incredible. I loved it very much. The characters were well developed. The plot was fantastic. I love how things intertwined and played out. The ending was priceless. I felt like I was a horrible person though, because I found myself wanting the murderer to get away with it.

Orphan Train


This story was beautiful. I cried my eyes out, but it was a great book. It breaks my heart to know how many children have stories like this. It warms my heart to know that not all orphans have let their horrible stories ruin their entire lives. The bad things in life have made some incredible people be who they are. Some people overcome their bad childhoods and create great futures for themselves. Oops, sorry, I’m rambling. Anyway, this is a very touching story. I loved it.

Burying Water


This one was predictable, and not likely to ever play out in real life as well as it did in the book, but I loved it. I feel in love with “Water” and “Jesse”. I love how everything came together. I look forward to reading Becoming Rain, Chasing River, and Surviving Ice. There is something about K. A. Tucker’s writing that has me hooked.

It Ends With Us


This one killed me. It hurt, but I ended up loving it. I’ve tried a million times to get my 19 year old daughter to read it. But as with most of my suggestions, she hasn’t.

The Problem With Forever


This is another one that crushed me, but again, I loved it. Which, I have loved everything I’ve read from Jennifer L. Armentrout/J. Lynn.

A Man Called Ove


I have never laughed at a suicidal person in my life, until I read this book. I laughed so hard. And cried, but that is beside the point. This book is a great read.

Maybe Someday


Another one from Colleen Hoover that I loved. She is awesome. I wish I could half as good at writing books as her and Jennifer Armentrout.

Me Before You


This one ripped my heart right out. But I loved it. It makes you stop and think, even weeks after you’re finished reading it. I read After You and loved it too, but not as much as I did this one.  Oh, and the movie, Me Before You, yeah…if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you have a full box of tissues.

Say You’ll Stay and Say You Want Me

These are predictable and exactly what most people think about second chance stories, but I’m so in love with the Hennington brothers that I couldn’t not put them on this blog. I loved these two books and can’t wait to read the next one. Corinne Michaels is another one of my many role models when it comes to being a writer.

My real reviews are on Amazon and Goodreads if you are interested in them. Needless to say, all of the above are five star ratings for me.

Comments are always welcome, even if I don’t agree with them. 🙂

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