Love vs. Suicide

You never know what’s going on inside someone else’s head, especially if they suffer from a mental illness.

People shouldn’t judge or bully other people. You may think they are a freak, but don’t treat them like you think that. I’m not saying you need to be their best friend, just don’t treat them like crap. I’m not saying any of this to cause anyone to feel guilty; I just want people to be more considerate.

It’s hard to love someone that has a mental illness. It’s tough knowing someone you love has suicidal thoughts. Most people end up feeling like they aren’t doing enough to let the person know they are loved. Sometimes all the person needs is someone to listen. They may just need a hug, a shoulder to cry on, someone to comfort and support them. But sometimes, no matter how much of that they get, they still can’t overcome their struggles.

Yes, maybe they are being selfish for being suicidal. Maybe they aren’t thinking about what it would do to their family and friends. But chances are, they think they would be doing them a favor by ending their life. They may feel that no one loves them or cares about them, so it wouldn’t matter if they left this world. They may feel they are helping their family by saving them trouble, heartache, stress, or money. They may think their parents (or spouse) are better off not having to worry about their moods or behavior anymore. They may feel they will be saving them money because they will have one less mouth to feed, less clothes to buy, less doctor bills, etc. They feel their family and friends would be better off without them. They may feel that their girlfriend/boyfriend deserves better and could be happier if they were gone. So, yes, they may be selfish to a point, but they may see it as a way of helping the people they love. Sometimes they understand they would be hurting people, but they just can’t fight it. Oftentimes, your love and support will help them overcome those feelings, but sometimes it takes more than that. Whether it be medication, therapy, or religion, there is help out there. Try to help them find what works for them. I know it’s tiring and can seem pointless after a while, but you never know what you may mean to someone, even if you can’t save them.


10 thoughts on “Love vs. Suicide

      1. Yes I absolutely loved the book – one of my favourite reads of the year. I also got the chance to meet Jennifer Niven and she spoke about her “real life Finch” – it was so heartbreaking. Can’t wait for the film!

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    1. Yes, definitely. I can’t imagine what they have witnessed and had to do. To live with that would be so hard, but there has to ways to overcome it, to forgive themselves and others, to put it all behind them and still live their lives. It breaks my heart that so many people suffer. There needs to be more ways to get help.

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  1. A very thoughtful piece, Angie. Mental illness is extremely difficult for everyone involved; it wears everyone down and strength must be found again and again.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog so often. All the very best to you and let’s hope that there is a little more growth in the understanding of mental illness in the coming years.


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