My Top 16 Reads of 2016

Most of these are on my to-read list, or I’ve already read them and loved them. 🙂


After weeks of trying to narrow this list down I’ve finally come up with my top reads of the year. It was really hard, as of today I’ve read 268 books so picking a handful of my absolute favorites was difficult for me. Originally I had planned on choosing a top ten, but I was really struggling so I decided to do a top 16 of 2016 and I STILL had a tough time. These are the books that I feel should not be missed, they are all standouts for me, for a variety of reasons. I also want to point out a few to watch for in 2017 as well.

(In no particular order)

I was totally blown away bythisbook. It touched me deeply and I still find myself thinking about Andy.

Godthisbook was so compelling, it had one of my very favorite endings ever.

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