Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I’d Like to See More of in Books

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This week’s topic is the top 10 thinks on my reading wish list. I’ve chosen the things I want to see more of in books.

  1. More faithful marriages. Lots of folks never stray and wouldn’t think of it. Only 50% of marriages end in divorce–not 100%.
  2. More romantic stuff and less 50 Shades Stuff.
  3. More use of the word “stuff” instead of the hipster Sh*t More use of polite euphemisms for F&ck.
  4. More happy and less Oprah’s Book Club depressing, terrifying book of the week stuff.
  5. More normal looking people–not just drop-dead gorgeous ones And not just 20-somethings–all ages want romance. Gay, straight we all want to find love.
  6. More people with ordinary jobs–not just billionaire CEOS, cops, Highland warriors, lawyers,  etc. How about insurance adjusters, CPAs, nurses, box salespeople, day care workers, Grocery store managers, mini-mart clerks. We normal people want hope of romance.
  7. More settings where the rest…

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