Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Dan Alatorre and Angie Dokos

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Welcome to the first of the updates this week. If you would like to become part of the Cafe and Bookstore and enjoy regular updates for your books, such as new releases, recent reviews or offers then please check out this directory.

The first author update is for Dan Alattore and his new release at the end of April,  Poggibonsi – An Italian Misadventure.

About the book

When family man Mike Torino lands a project in Italy, home of naked art, Valentino, and taxi-crashing yoga pants, he brings along his wife, hoping to rekindle their marriage. But romance gets derailed by head colds, constant bickering, and assaults from ankle-breaking cobblestone streets. Their daughter develops a gelato addiction. Mike’s Italian partner has a coronary. And as for amore . . . Mattie tells Mike to handle things himself—and storms back to America.

Mike is trapped. Leaving Italy will blow…

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