Guest author: Angie Dokos – Cocktails and Distraction

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Once upon a time there was a young woman with a passion for writing. When her oldest daughter was a senior in high school, they developed a plan to write, edit, format, and publish a book together as a project. Okay, well since you know the daughter was a senior, you know she’s not a very young woman. She refuses to grow old, so we’ll stick believing she’s a young woman. Anyway, the project ended up being a little too complex for the daughter to endure to the end. The young woman had already grown too attached to her characters, so she had to see it through. Two years later, Mackenzie’s Distraction was born…I mean published.

Mackenzie’s Distraction is a new adult romance novel with some humor tossed in. Mackenzie is a young woman with a rough past and a promising future. Just when her career is within reach, tragedy…

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