Roadside by Angie Dokos, a Book Review

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Roadside by Angie Dokos, a Book Review

by Stella Brians


Ms. Dokos was kind enough to send me a copy of her book for an honest, and well thought out review.

Roadside is a romantic novel about a young woman who is assaulted and left for dead in the woods. She is then discovered by Levi, a detective, and his son Zayne. Her name is Serena, and she is a college student who works at a convenience store. Serena managed to  fight off her attacker (who is later identified) and crawl to the edge of the road where she is found and rescued.

What I liked about Roadside was  the packaging; the cover was simple and cute, and it remained tasteful in that aspect, while other romance novels tend to show naked people clinging to each other in some kind of ridiculous embrace.

Roadside was different. The  lovable macaroni and…

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6 thoughts on “Roadside by Angie Dokos, a Book Review

  1. That was a good review! I could give “Roadside” as a gift, even if I hadn’t read it, The reviewer pinpoints, with laser accuracy, who would enjoy it. My favorite line is when the reviewer descibes how religion informs the characters’ decisions. Even if that’s an opinion, Young people consulting their conscience and religion as a guide in a romance novel – is well novel and intriguing. But then agaiin, I’m biased because.I really enjoy movies on the Hallmark and UP family entertainment channels.

    I’m not religious but I enjoy reading (or watching characters) use different approaches to problem-solving. I look forward to reading “Roadside”.

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