Book Review: ROADSIDE


Review of Roadside by AngieDokos.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon.

After Zayne and his father happen upon an injured yRoadsideCvroung woman left for dead on a deserted roadside, her recovery and protection become central to Zayne’s life. The story revolves around the victim, Serena, and her relationship with Zayne and other young adults as her body and spirit gradually heal. The search for Serena’s attacker is suspenseful. The ebbing and flowing relationships between the young people surrounding Zayne and Serena provide various insights into the human condition in general and Serena’s damaged psyche in particular.

Author Angie Dokos has called Roadside a “New Adult Romance,” but it might also be AngieDokosAuthorconsidered YA Contemporary Romance or YA Mystery. The main characters are students or college-age adults, and their story is told in an ingenuous style reflective of a young person’s natural lack of sophistication.

Roadside is…

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