Top Ten MG Books to Use as Read Alouds Beginning of Year by Cassie Thomas

Nerdy Book Club

When students enter the classroom at the first of the year, a lot of schools are spending days/weeks on ensuring respect, understanding, and creating a classroom culture of family. To do this more effectively and spark conversation, I have learned that opening each year with a book that touches on character traits such as respecting and accepting one another, I have found that students refer back to that book/books the rest of the year. Here are my top ten middle grade books to do as read alouds in the first couple of weeks in grades 3-6.

A Whole New Ballgame by Phil Bildner

A Whole New Ballgame is all about change and how that can be for the better. Rip & Red are experiencing major changes during their 5th grade year. New staff, new homeroom teacher, new coach… as much as changes can be for the worst, they learn…

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