Cocktails to enjoy this summer!

No matter what your favorite flavor is, we have something to satisfy your taste buds. But hurry, this boxed set is only available for the summer.

Cocktails For Ten bundle — 10 novels for under $IMG_97971

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Wait – Time doesn’t matter… Just open this book – we’re serving Cocktails for Ten Let your reading palate tingle with romantic encounters or be heightened by thrilling mystery and suspense or become tantalized by something surprising and totally unique! That’s our goal in serving up these ten full-length novels by USA Today and International Best Selling Authors. *** USA Today Best Selling author Donna Fasano’s Following His Heart – “Fasano delivers tender honesty and sweet sexiness in this beach read.” Publishers Weekly Ashley Fontainne’s Suicide Lake is a “thrilling mystery with a hint of romance.” Elaine Raco Chase’s Dangerous Places was Romantic Times’ Top Hot pick for romantic suspense “twists, turns, a few laughs and sex.”   E.G. Fox’s Award-winning Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy is a romantic comedy that’s been called: “the X-Files with a little sex.” Dee Dee Covas’ Dandelion Soul “a love story with a twist of fate.” Diane Nelson’s Points on a Curve “she’s got wingspan, he’s got the nose for news. Together it’s a match made on and off the court.” Lorne Olive’s The Cistern “a non-stop read – hang on to your sanity.” Ashley Goss’ Sexual Desires – “raw sexual interaction and deep emotion.” Michael Cody’s Where Power Resides “action packed roller coaster of a read.” Angie Dokos’ Mackenzie’s Distraction “can Mackenzie let go of her past & embrace a chance for happiness with Trevor?”

Ten for $0.99, come on, you can’t go wrong with a deal this good. We are sure you’ll love at least one of the ten! Hopefully all ten, but we understand if they aren’t all your favorite books of the year. Please, give us a try, then leave us a review to let us, and other readers know what you think. Thanks in advance. 🙂 Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada



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Cocktails For Ten by E.G. FOX, Elaine Raco Chase, Donna Fasano, Ashley Fontainne, Dee Dee Covas, Angie Dokos, Diane Nelson, Lorne Oliver, Michael Cody, Ashley Goss


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