YA Books Before they Were Cool: My Books Growing Up #YA #Books #Bookworm

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Books have come a looooong way since I was a teen. In fact, “teen” books or books aimed at younger people had no such label as YA or NA. They were at best, organized by age groups in libraries and bookstores. And school libraries? I don’t think most librarians had a clue what was on the shelves. Not unless it fell under the umbrella of banned books or controversial books in literature. Those paperback racks were a treasure trove of what would constitute as mature YA. Books by authors like, Christopher Pike, who included plenty of teenage sex and gore in his books.

Nope, YA is a modern idea that has paved the way for so many wonderful books and authors. Books with writing and storylines so good, adults enjoy them too. Maybe even more than the target demographic.

Ah, “back in my day” they were just books…

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