Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentrout


book-fire-flame-languages-Favim.com-481610My rating: 5/5 stars 

I swear to God.. If I would have read “My Seth” one more time, I would have hurt someone, mainly Alex!!!!!! “Apollyon” took the series to a whole other level, darker and stronger and you just have a difficult time figuring out your favorite book from the series. It is a very hard task because all of them are amazing and beautifully written, with major events going on and with characters evolving each chapter.

As the title spoils, Alex is the Apollyon now, connected entirely and irevocably with Seth. The first part of the book was extremely annoying and again, I wanted to punch her in the face for being so blind and stupid!! I had faith that the real Alex will come back to us and Aiden, because Jennifer doesn’t have the heart to torment us long. Things settle at a certain point, but after…

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