Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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My rating: 5/5 stars 

Finally the series is complet and I am blown away! I am not surprised in the least, because I loved everything about it from second 1 until the end. This is definitely one of my favorite series and I want to kiss myself for taking the decision to read it and to not have breaks them, because they are a fully and amazing adventure. You must read them continuously, because the plot is very complex and if you change the book, you might forget some very interesting aspects.

Just a couple of picture for you to understand how I look every time I hear the words: “Covenant Series”, “Alex” or “Aiden”, separately and in various combinations:)))

Image result for excited gif

Image result for love it gif

Image result for love it gif

These are only a few examples, but I don’t want to make a loooong post to bore you. My point is that I adored this series and the impact…

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