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This book totally took me by surprise!

When a book starts with a violent attack and a police investigation, one expects the worst to happen. Clearly I read too many gloomy thrillers, because “Roadside” was not at all what I expected.

Roadside (Release Date: May 2017)

Zayne finds Serena’s lifeless body off the side of the road one morning. She has been beaten and left for dead. As she recovers, they become the best of friends. It doesn’t take long for Zayne’s feelings to grow stronger. Will the fear of ruining their friendship keep them from taking a chance on love?

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My Thoughts…

Definitely not my usual choice for reading material, but it was very sweet and I enjoyed it.

As I mentioned, the story of Zayne and Serena starts of in the most violent of ways. Serena is attacked and left for dead, and…

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