The Secret Mother by Shalini Boland

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A good author is one who writes a book with well etched characters, where the story and plot lines flow and generally the reader is left feeling happy.

A greatauthor is the one who captures the reader’s attention from first page, pulls the reader into the story, where each emotion of the character is felt and the book reads like a movie, each chapter is a scene of the movie.

And Shalini Boland is a great author. Her book pulled me in from the first page and she took me on an intriguingjourney. I felt anger, sadness, grief, helplessness, loss, self doubt, the need to know the truth, every emotion that the main character, Tessa, felt.

The story is simple- Tessa walks into her kitchen, there is a child there who asks her, are you my mummy???

And the story starts…. Who is…

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