Stranger Things 2: A Major Binge Hangover, Amongst Other Things #StrangerThings2 #Halloween

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“It’s Bitchin’!”


Ugh, if any of you spent the better part of your weekend binge watching the second season of Stranger Things 2…

Then you’re probably having the very Mondayest of Mondays just like me 😦

I watched half the season Friday night and the rest Saturday night (and into the wee hours of Sunday morning). If I had it my way I would have watched it all in one sitting, but 9 hrs is a long time to sit in one spot. Then there’s the whole sleep thing. Because we have a 3-yr-old, we had to wait until she was in bed each night. Otherwise, we would have watched all 9 episodes in a day. And that is exactly what the Duffer brothers had in mind when they created it.

Each season is like a superbly written book that you just can’t put down, and season 2 is…

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