Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Christmas Book Fair – Paul Andruss, C.S. Boyack, Carmen Stefanescu, Paul Cude and Angie Dokos

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You are more used to seeing the posts by Paul Andruss on a Friday in his role of Writer in Residence. But, Paul is a very talented author and if any of your family are Harry Potter fans they will love Thomas the Rhymer. Wonderful for all ages and I hope that you will put on your gift list for yourself, family and friends. I read and reviewed the book earlier in the year and can recommend.

About Thomas the Rhymer

A magical fantasy for ages 11 to adult about a boy attempting to save fairy Thomas the Rhymer, while trying to rescue his brother from a selfish fairy queen

When Fairy Queen Sylvie snatches his brother, schoolboy Jack is plunged into a sinister fantasy world of illusion and deception – the realm of telepathic fairies ruled by spoilt, arrogant fairy queens.

Haunted by nightmares about his brother and…

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