Over- Competent

Waking up on the Wrong Side of 50

I am independent.  I am capable.  I am strong.  These are all great qualities.  These are qualities that I want to nurture in my daughter.  These are also qualities that can undermine me.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my blogging friends Chrissy and G Sandwich about this strange phenomena- the fact that the more competent you are, the more you are taken for granted.  Think about it like this: I am really good at taking care of things around the house- I can do minor household repairs, handle many technical glitches, maintain the house and budget, care for family members and pets, etc.  I have lists and protocols and organizational charts- sort of like the CEO of the household.  Alas, the CEO is often the figurehead- though technically the buck stops with them, they have doled out a lot of the work and just read through what…

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