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The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Clifford Brooks IIICLIFFORD BROOKS

To hear him speak on art and poetry is to catch a glimpse of how intensely a creator loves. It’s a genuine love that exceeds even passion and purpose, and tumbles into pure joy. (A “giddy” state as he puts it.) It is one of the reasons why we reveled in this conversation and why we’re so pleased to introduce poet, author, professor and entrepreneur: Clifford Brooks III.  

On Poetry

Many poets can pinpoint when writing went from a pastime to something more. Can you shed some light on your journey with writing and poetry?

My mom found the first short stories of mine when I hit 10-years-old.  She was pleasantly shocked, and that happiness convinced me that words would be in my future.  I knew the pastime would evolve into “something more” when I was contracted to write a book of poetry at 35-years-old.  I was, of…

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