The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott


My rating: 5/5 stars 

I simply love Emma Scott for her genuine and amazing writing style, but with this book I am her devoted and dying fan! There is no way she can loose me from her fan-base right now, because “The Butterfly Project” is my favorite book from all I’ve read from her this far. I am very excited and happy to write about it because it was perfection in many ways and it just touched my heart with an intensity I never imagined.

Zelda, a graphic artist is pursuing her dream in NY. Her graphic novel, “Mother, May I?”, didn’t get the “Yes” she dreamt of and she is left discouraged, without any direction  or money… Everything is coming apart and her big dream is no where in sight. Robbed and with little money to spare, she seeks the help of a boy she just met…

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