Bringing Credit Where It’s Due

Howdy ho, neighbors! It’s a beautiful day in the ‘Burn and I’m just sitting here mapping out my TBR list for the foreseeable future and something hit me. Why are we almost exclusively focused on the big blockbusters of the season when promoting books? Obviously they’re the buzz-worthy books that are filling our feeds left and right, so it’s natural I suppose, but I feel like I’m missing out on a gold mine of novels that never see the the same exposure because they just don’t garner the same budget as others. While I’m not expecting indie and self-published books to take over the world (but that’s a pretty great plot idea SOMEBODY WRITE THIS DOWN), I wanted to take a minute and highlight 5 books not being published by the “Big Five” this year, just in case they’ve slipped by your gaze. These are high quality writers who deserve…

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