Father Figure by James J Cudney IV #bookblitz @jamescudney4 @shanannigans81

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Hey people of WordPress, I am back with the book blitz of the book Father Figure written by my friend and author James J Cudney IV and presented by Shannon’s R&R blog tours

Father Figure

Publication Date: April 2, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Drama

Between the fast-paced New York City, a rural Mississippi town, and a charming Pennsylvania college campus filled with secrets, two young girls learn the consequences of growing up too quickly. Struggling to survive in a claustrophobic, unforgiving world, they embark on a journey to overcome all the pain, disappointment, and horror of their experiences.

Amalia Graeme, abused by her mother for most of her life, longs to escape her desolate hometown, connect with others, and fall in love. Contemplating an impending loss of innocence and conflicting feelings between her boyfriend and the dangerous attraction she’s developed for an older man, Amalia suffers devastating, life-altering tragedies. No…

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5 thoughts on “Father Figure by James J Cudney IV #bookblitz @jamescudney4 @shanannigans81

    1. You’re welcome. And OMGosh!!! Will you pretty please take a picture of my book in Italy?!?!?!? That would be so cool!!! I hope you have a wonderful time. I’ve never been. And if you don’t have time to read while you’re there, I would totally understand. 😊

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      1. I will totally do that! I am not sure which format I’m buying, but I will be sure to take a photo either way. And where would you prefer? Rome, Florence, Tuscany or Amalfi? I’ll be in all 4 places.

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  1. Which ever place you want to. Any will be perfectly fine with me. They all sound awesome! Just wherever you can fit it in your schedule. 😊 Thank you SO much! Sounds like you’re going to have a blast. I look forward to seeing some pics. 🇮🇹

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