Don’t You Dare by A. J. Weines

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The blurb caught my eye, and the beginning of the story hooked me in. Rachel, a bartender, hears her daughter Beth struggling with someone in the cellar, and all her motherly instincts flood her body. She rushes to protect her daughter and accidentally kills the man, Carl. Why accidentally, you ask? Well, they were both enacting a sex scene from Basic Instinct.

Then comes the roller-coaster ride of hiding the body, having alibis, coordinating the story, and waiting for the cops. Will they, won’t they? Incidentally, Carl is the best man of Peter, Beth’s fiancé. What a rush!!! The babe was having an affair with fiancé’s best friend.

I loved the way the author A. J. Weines has developed the characters. Would I call them lovable, likable, or even tolerable? Nah!! But they were fascinating, the way the mother hid the body (you’ve got to read…

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