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Dressed To Read

~Welcome to my stop on the blog blitz for The Ex-Wife by Jess Ryder ~

Thank you Noelle for the invite!

The-Ex-Wife-Kindle (1).jpg

~My Review~

The pace is fast and the tone is rather frantic (which I think worked well).

Here are the players–Game on…

Natasha – Current wife and mother to Emily

Emily– Young daughter of Natasha and Nick

Nick– Loving hubby and dad

Jen– Jealous ex-wife

Anna– You’ll find out when you read it! Yikes

The relationship between Natasha and Jen was very intriguing and I was curious about how it would play out. The ex, Jen was jealous that things worked out so beautifully for Natasha and Nick. I wanted to know more about her and why she behaved as she did. She seemed unable to move on after her divorce from Nick. Then, things take a turn and Natasha needs Jen’s help. Can…

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