Book Review: The Ex-Wife by Jess Ryder

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This book follows the story of Natasha and her husband Nick. Their life is perfect – they are happily married, they have a young daughter Emily, and Nick has a very successful, well-paying job. Natasha is a stay at home mom and has everything she could ever want. They live a life of luxury and money is not an obstacle. Nick loves his little family, doting on Natasha and Emily every chance he gets. There is just one problem…. Nick’s ex-wife Jen.

Jen seems to still have feelings for Nick, and Natasha gets the feeling that Jen wants Nick back. Jen is always calling Nick for one thing or another, even stopping by the house unexpectedly to see Nick. Nick’s sister has a new baby, and she asks Nick and Jen to be the baby’s godparents, much to the annoyance of Natasha. Nick’s family doesn’t seem to like Natasha, and…

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