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Dressed To Read


Talk about a date from Hell!

I will certainly never view a blind date the same way again. Ever!!  Not after meeting Alison Taylor, the protagonist in this most intriguing and tension filled novel.  The morning after her fateful date, she is trying to figure out what happened to her, and she realizes that it is not good.

I was questioning everything, wondering who the creepy date was and totally obsessed with finding out what happened! I’d finish one chapter, and get hit with another Tick Tock  ending and would be hooked into reading another chapter, and another. I was seriously looking over my shoulder at times (or in the mirror).

This book seriously deprived me of sleep! I can’t even believe someone came up with this story line- Louise Jensen is Brilliant!!  Tick Tock! What are you waiting for? Read it!

Book Description…

Something bad has happened to…

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