The Date by Louise Jensen #travelingsistersread

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The Date
by Louise Jensen

Brenda’s review & rating:4 of 5 stars

Norma and I were lost in a coulee reading The Date with two of our Traveling Sisters and for the first time ever Norma was left in a coulee all by herself feeling quite differently from the rest of us about this story.

The Date was a fast-paced, entertaining yet frightening – the good kind we love in thrillers that left us on the edge of the coulee ready to jump out in fright and run and hide from some of the chilling scenes our main character Ali was up against. Nothing is the same for Ali after she wakes up the morning after a date that she remembers nothing about and things are not right for her.

Louise Jensen does a great job creating a terrifying situation here for Ali with her not knowing who she…

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