Holly Butcher : A message well worth reading…

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Anyone who knows me, knows how strongly I feel about cancer. On a rare trip through Facebook, I stumbled across this post in a “positivity group”.  I had to share.  

“Death is something that everyone has to face at some point in their life. Whether it’s the death of a close relative or if you’re struggling for your life – it’s never easy to face death alone. Fortunately, most people don’t need to think about this until they grow old, but sadly some people face up to it at a much younger age. Holly Butcher was one of them.

When Holly turned 26, she began to think a lot about death after being diagnosed with a malignant cancer. She decided to write one last letter before she passed away, and posted the heart-breaking letter on her Facebook page on January 3rd, 2018. Less than 24 hours after she published…

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