Verity – Review

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verityI have read every single Colleen Hoover novel, some even multiple times because as Tarryn Fisher said, Colleen’s books have a pulse. Her characters are living, breathing people presenting readers with stories we cannot put down. They are the crack of the written word. Verity is no exception to this rule, but this rule only. In every other way possible, Verity is a deviation from everything you have seen and known Colleen Hoover to be as a writer.

…and this book was everything I have been waiting for her to unleash for years. I follow her on Facebook and Instagram, reading all of her posts word for word. The woman can write self-deprecating comments, flay Dina Silver’s felines, tease Tarryn, or write about a trip to the grocery store, making it the most interesting or hilarious thing I’ve read that day. I knew she had the writing chops to bust…

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