Twelve Days of Going Broke

Simple And Funny Observations of Everyday Life


I just finished listening to a traditional Holiday song called “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” It’s an English Christmas carol, thought to be of French origin, that was first published in 1720. It is a cumulative song, each verse building on top of the previous ones, as it enumerates a series of increasingly grand gifts, given on each of the twelve days of Christmas. It should be noted for historical accuracy, that the gifts should only be given to ones “true love.” Imparting these varied, unusual, and expensive presents on an ex-wife or partner, the friendly waitress at the local diner, the person who rocked your world at the club last weekend, or that cute guy or girl you ran into at the apartment laundry room, will make you feel like the time, you escorted your second cousin Erma to the senior prom. You not only were completely broke afterward, but…

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