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Forget world peace for once. Let’s talk Motherhood, after all, is it not the hand that rocks that cradle that rules the world?

A combined mothering experience of 39 years, excluding the care of extended families little ones, the past years have been a trial with one child finishing tertiary education and another just beginning his cycle of tertiary studies. The curve balls have been dodged (barely), the expenses promise to continue to climb spirally, the trek seemsp insurmountable sometimes but all days, I dread the empty nest syndrome.

A South African Indian English speaking Hindu woman, my humble home has hosted many get-togethers with family and friends. Sadly with the demise of valued family elders, that has rapidly dwindled. Rampant technology, social issues and it must be said, increased selfishness of the younger generation has resulted in few memory making moments.


A close family of four with five pets…

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