I’m A Writer, Not A Notification Checker

Wise & Shine

But I Forget That…

Writing is a part of the writing job. Checking notifications isn’t. (Or is it?)

It could be. ‘Cause it feels that way. When I check notifications and emails, it feels as if I’m doing some important work.

Every time turn this device on and log in to Medium, my eyes get fixed onto the bell icon.

Dear Medium,
You need to reposition that bell icon for real. It's reducing the quality of your respected contributors.

(I always wanted to experiment this gray background writing. It looks so professional!)

Anyways, jokes apart, it’s a distraction.

I’m always trying to track down my notifications in some or the other way.

In my head, checking emails and keeping a track of claps or likes is a “part of the job.” (Yeah, right! 😒)

If this truly was a part of the job, I should’ve been successful a long time ago…

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